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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] US brand Under Armour sports equipment sales remained strong in the second quarter, the company raised full-year revenue is expected in the third quarter we will be committed to the development of Asia region, China has become the most concentrated development. This signal indicates that Under Armour will compete directly with Nike in China. According to the company's second quarter results, ended June 30 Group net profit from $ 17.7 million last year fell 16.5% to $ 14.8 million, earnings per share fell to $ 0.07 from $ 0.08. Despite the downward trend, but still higher than analysts expected earnings per share of $ 0.02. Total revenue rose 28.5%, from $ 609.7 million to $ 783.6 million US dollars, an increase of 26.3% stocks to $ 836.6 million. After the earnings announcement the stock soared 7.34% to $ 95.93, the market value exceeded 20 billion US dollars. by category, by the United States National Basketball Association's most valuable player Stephen Curry's basketball shoes exposure and help promote footwear rose 40.2 percent to $ 153.6 million; while clothing sales remain strong, rising 22.7 percent to 515.3 million dollars; Accessories category also rose 38.6 percent to $ 83.04 million. During the quarter, the company also increased sales of more than promote athlete endorsements, such as the PGA of America is currently the most pampered pros Jordan Spieth. Footwear revenues which jumped 40 percent, easily outpacing the performance apparel and accessories products. Since footwear is generally considered to be part of the clothing business in the most elusive, so Under Armour's success has been recognized, and the most important one is its rival Nike footwear market. In addition, the Group's shareholders agreed to Brand House Connected Fitness shop and its global investment platform. Kevin Plank, Chairman and CEO, said the company plans to make adjustments against store portfolio this year, such as Brand House will be from 73 stores last year, based on increased to 100 shops. Brand House opened 18 stores in the second quarter. The shop opened in the third quarter mainly for the Asian region, which will be 85% of the new stores will be in the region, and noted that most shops will be concentrated in China. Under Armour Inc. in February this year to spend $ 650 million acquisition of two sports MyFitnessPal and Endomondo community jordans for sale applications, and in this quarter, expanding its new e-commerce website to Thailand, Austria, Ireland, Belgium and Portugal. The Connected Fitness Fitness Internet revenues rose 147.8% more, up from $ 5.5 million to $ 13.6 million. In a conference call, Chairman and CEO Kevin Plank to create an online sports community application likened, "Under athlete uniforms or equipment, the development of a performance athletes can enhance their equipment." According to the data display, MyFitnessPal and Endomondo two sports community application registered users more than 130 million people. Group's full-year revenue is expected to be adjusted to $ 3.84 billion, higher than the previous forecast of $ 3.78 billion and analysts' expectations of $ 38.3. Operating profit range -4.08 one hundred million US dollars from 400 million to 405 million previously narrowed -4.08 billion. Under Armour has announced it will enter the women's clothing market outside sportswear. And this market is the most valued market rival Nike. It is worth mentioning that after a series of Nike marketing, continued overweight in female consumers, the company recently launched against this group the largest ever promotional activities. Nike seems to never let a rising star easily shake their dominant position. And just last week, the former president of Nike athletic department Terdema Ussery switched to rival any sports Under Armour, president, four years since the 1993's, Ussery Nike athletic department as president, supervising overall marketing, advertising , brand management and brand business cooperation. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Chinese footwear Footwear News Top Ten Brands Award: Saturday, Mai Lier.) & Nbsp;& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] summer tend to be numerous businesses launched discount promotions of the season, this summer is no exception, in order to attract more consumers, online and offline businesses It can be said that style all their own. However, businesses have introduced methods are mostly "wide net", although net spread was large, but there is no objective nature, the effect of this "medication" approach generated naturally not ideal. It is different from other brands, Adidas Lynx flagship store selection and leading digital advertising in real-time decision-making and trading platform WiseMedia (new data network) cooperati cheap air jordans on and achieved unexpected results. As a gallop China for many years well-known German sports brand Adidas has brand marketing go in front of the industry, in the field of marketing very own opinion, this choice must be cooperation with WiseMedia fancy their great strength. It is reported that from June to July this year, Adidas Lynx flagship store and WiseMedia establish cooperation in order to promote their summer promotions. The goal of this partnership is very clear, it is to reduce the introduction of user costs, improve user access depth, push up consumption. Based on these objectives, WiseMedia Adidas this campaign to develop the appropriate complete solution, step by step guide to complete the Adidas campaign. In order to track advertising performance, Adidas to add WiseMedia marketing point in their respective stores need to keep track of page module, in order to ensure the ability to accurately track marketing point, we must ensure that the marketing point loaded. After adding a good marketing point, WiseMedia will learn to find the source of active traffic. Is explore and analyze data value WiseMedia strengths, with Tanx, Tencent advertising platform for real-time trading, Doubleclick ad exchange three AdExchange delivery platform, WiseMedia based on IP address, Internet time, browse the Internet in a variety of field depth data channel accumulated massive user behavior data, analyze the active medium is a sports forum, sports pages and other portals; advertising preferences discount, free shipping, etc; active population is critical information partial male, college students, etc., provide the basis for advertising. After a good audience users to collect and analyze data, we need to take a series of measures put in. Bought with money "guest" in the browser Lynx Adidas apparel shop after, the vast majority did not have to buy it will leave the site, for this phenomenon, WiseMedia by "redirect" to solve the hidden "waste." Thus, not only the precise quality of the visitors also effective cost savings. It is reported that the cooperation with WiseMedia, not only greatly improve the Adidas brand, but also greatly enhance the visitor quality, the data show that this makes the Adidas running flagship store website Lynx integrated clicking costs fell 45%, integrated into Station costs fell 70 percent, a significant effect caused heated debate in the industry. In fact, as the representative of D Cheap foamposites for sale SP to WiseMedia by many enterprises have gradually accepted and recognized brand advertisers, in today's era of big data, DSP enterprises will increasingly run away, leading domestic Internet advertising into a new development peak. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Apparel Network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)??????free v ext green running shoes Narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse team uniform builder classic Agamograph designs for Mother s Day Father s Day and Valentine s Day These contemporary art activities are something that won t soon be forgotten by kids parents or teachers Super fun and super easy v ext green running shoes Narcissistic socio" /〉 local jewelry stores that buy gold HBR Video Customer Service in a Crisis buy eyewear frames online india hidden courtyard fountain free v ext green running shoes Narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse via.Serena Lin ... Top 9, CLOT, x, NikeLab, VaporMax release date: July 21st; market price: 3500 RMB or so, This pair of said a lot, let us understand the high price speculation, with the money to buy a pair of Edison still is not easy. ... Top 10, Air Jordan 1, Quai 54 release date: July 8th; market price: 1700 RMB or so, Jordan a year Brand, to 54 Quai making proprietary streetball League color shoes. This year's AJ 1 Quai 54 is still only in the venue for the sale of France, the number of small, but attracted a group of diehard powder.To pay tribute to classic - the first generation Nike Hyperdunk will probably be in the next year engraved 2015-11-24 13:01:55 08 years, known as "the king of actual combat" Nike Hyperdunk came out, which was regarded as the history of light and solid basketball shoes, and is a famous designer Eric Avar personally created, creating a sensation. The appearance of shoes will also become the next shoe design strong benchmark, a substantial foundation for a magnificent chapter in the future is a series of Hyperdunk. It is reported that the shoes will usher in the engraved return to 8 years later, this is also to cater to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio; now the news has not yet officially confirmed, we will do follow-up reports for everyone, but for sure, if the original Nike Hyperdunk once will lead to regression, fans, Kanguan what do you think? Air Jordan 1 Rare Air you may not be familiar, but as the brand innovation new jordans shoes for sale products, I believe will be welcomed, in relief in the form of Logo and show all the details, let us feel the breath of the science and technology, the release of cool grey, more low-key people "unacceptable" but, even so, it will occupy a space for one person in the circle of sneaker. With Air , Jordan 30th anniversary has become more and more intense, and more versions and colors will not be absent.adidas Originals for this season's popular shoes ZX Flux has created a new "Place Holder" color. After being subjected to the inspiration of the modern art, design in the late 1980s digital pattern "placeholder" as the theme, and spread on composed of full mesh uppers, and then carry fluorescent soles and shoe body color echoes appear. At present, the new Flux ZX can be purchased through the Overkill and other designated stores. immediately download and install the artifact to grab a shoe artifact APP-- when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number to the lower right corner can be downloaded and installed!! source: HB& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] world-renowned sports brand PUMA (PUMA) recently announced that it has reached a sponsorship agreement with the English Premier League football club Arsenal, will be provided shirts and merchandise. In order to reverse the company's sales and profits declining trend, the German sportswear group is seeking change, the business focus again turned to professional athletics sports goods market. Puma is a French listed company KERING subsidiary, accounting for about one-third of annual sales KERING's total annual sales. In 2007, KERING to 5.2 billion euros (US $ 7.2 billion) acquisition of Puma. Previously many years, in the international sporting goods market, unlike Nike, Adidas professional athletic sports known, the fashion and leisure products business focus placed Puma, sports and leisure products with fashion sense is its main features. But two or three years of their business suffered decline. Since the second half of 2012, Puma began to implement restructuring and cost reduction program, such as shutting down more than 90 unprofitable stores, reducing the impact profitable production line, from the European football market, 2013 to stop navigation products and the like. To promote this major restructuring plan, the company's expenses in 2012 reached 180 million euros (about 246 million US dollars), three quarters of 2013, a further 130 million euros expenditure (US $ 178 million). However, these plans failed to change the tide of the current Puma overall decline in performance. 2012, the Puma sales despite an increase of 8.7%, but the total was slightly lower than the expected 3.3 billion euros. Because clear inventory, gross margin declined Puma to 48.3% from 49.6%, in particular footwear products, the gross margin decreased from 49.1% to 46.5%. Among them, the 2012 third quarter net profit fell sharply 85% Puma; the fourth quarter, the Group's loss amounted to $ 56.8 million. the first half of 2013, Puma sales fell 3.1 percent to 1.47 billion euros, gross profit margin was maintained at 47.7%. Third quarter 2013, Puma's sales 813 million euros, 892 million euros compared with the same period last year fell 8.9 percent, gross margin declined from 48.2% to 47.1% over the same period last year. Sub-regional perspective, Puma sales rose in Europe, Middle East and Africa fell 4.6 percent to 378 million euros; sales in the Americas fell 7.8 percent to 261.1 million euros; sales in the Asia Pacific region last year 212.3 million euros compared with the same period of sharply fell 18.2 percent, to 173.7 million euros. However, the outstanding performance in the UK and Eastern Europe. In terms of products, in 2013 the third quarter, its footwear sales dropped 14.4 percent to 378 million euros, clothing fell 4.6 percent to 296.8 million euros, accessories fell 0.7% to 138.2 million euros. shoes and apparel industry observers Magang said that although Puma in 2007 became KERING the acquisition was more high-end fashion, but the marketing strategy and the shop does not keep up with product terminals pace of change, resulting in the sports brand Puma competition gradually marginalized and niche. On the other hand, in 2010 Puma "abandoned" the partners take full control of the business activities in mainland China and Hong Kong. Puma had hoped to take full advantage of market opportunities in China, and entered into a five-year sales target of 4 billion euros, but it was Chinese sporting goods market also began to change, Puma does not adapt to this change. This time, reached a sponsorship agreement with Arsenal to re-enter the professional sport of competitive products on the market, it is an important strategy to reverse the decline in performance Puma taken. According to reports, Puma has hired a media giant WPP's JWT advertising agency to help them re-enter the competitive sports market. In August this year it plans to launch a consumer-focused target marketing campaign with the slogan "always faster." Puma's current CEO Goulden (Bjorn Gulden), said: "Now, we will focus on competitive sports, casual wear and use in the field of advertising with Sports-related assets." Goulden had He has been a professional football player, and has served as executive in Adidas. In the first year in charge after Puma, he is committed to cut costs through layoffs, the rationalization of retail chains to expand and take corrective action to streamline infrastructure Puma. In addition to signing with Arsenal Football Club, the Puma also plans to sponsor several football players, such as Arsenal players Olivier? Giroux and former Arsenal player Sysco? Fabregas and the like. In fact, Puma had already reached with the high-profile sports stars of the sponsorship agreement, such as the star of Jamaican sprinter Usain? Bolt and golf star Ricky? Fowler and the like. With the advance of new plans to re-enter the Puma athletic specialty products market depth sports program has also been implemented. 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Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Solar Red" - approx $5630 4., Adidas, Futurecraft, 3D - approx, $5070 5., Patta, x, Parra, x, Nike, Air, Max,, Cherrywood, approx, $3943 6., Sole, Panda, x, Filling, Pieces, The, Black, Unicorn, Dragon, Custom - approx, $2800 7., Nike, SB, What, The, Dunk - approx, $2250 8., Patta, x, Nike, Air, Max,, Purple, Denim - approx $1690 9., Nike, Foamposite, Doernbecher, , - approx, $1570 10., Colette, x, New, Balance, M1500 - approx, $1460 11., Patta, x, Nike, Air, Max, 1, Amsterdam, $1410, approx,... 12., Adidas, Originals, x, YEEZY, Boost,, Moon, Rock - approx $1240 13., Patta, x, Nike, Air, Max,, Lucky, Green - approx $1120 14.Woei&n〉The new color of the Hyperdunk 2017 Low "BEIJING" leaked official pictures with Beijing in the past limited different color themes, choose a elegant atmosphere of the lake as the main body of the green shoes color, ink pattern in the bottom slightly shallow color collocation crystal rubber outsole, followed by adding TPU and " suede decorative embellishment Chinese characters Beijing; ", highlights the unique identity and status! 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